Success Stories

Finding forever happy homes is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.  Here we share a few of our successful endings.


March 2020  - 2-Year old M. Leonberger - Florida

Eiger was an owner surrender, this spring because he was an out of control 2-year-old incorrigible, Leonberger "puppy" with more energy than could be controlled in his living situation.

We placed him in a family with a 6-year-old Leonberger girl, with the hope that she would be able to provide a good example for him, show him the ropes, and able to put his puppy antics in place.  
He has been involved in training and socialization with his new family and they report he is becoming an integral (and behavng) member of the family.  

See a current Update on Eiger from his new Mom:

October 2020 - 3 Year old Male Leo (his birthday was 2/14/17). Vuska - came from a loving home in Southern Oregon. He was well cared for and enjoyed living on 40 acres. He was a member of a pack of with 4 other large dogs.  Over time, the pack started making bad choices (some involving neignoring farmers livestock). In addition, and in complete Leonberger fashion, Vuska longed for extra human attention from his family. The other pack members started bullying Vuska when he got near his humans.

His former family contacted Leo Rescue Pals because his owners felt that, while they could easily sell him locally, they didn't believe that most dog owners in the area would do much more with Vuska than put him on a chain and/or have him live permanently outside 24/7. They felt that we would find him a better home, that would be a good match for his personality and need for close human contact.

November 2020 Meet Tanner!

Tanner 4 year old intact male. . . . Was taken into Leo Rescue in South Dakota looking for a new home.  He had some medical needs and could not be neutered, due to an anesthesia allergy. As a result, he could not be placed in a home with intact female dogs.  His caring owner asked for assistance in finding the perfect placement for him.  

We were able to assist in finding an excellent family for Tanner with another sibling “Charlie” who was already there.  

Franklyn in his new Pond

October 2020 - 5 Year old Male Leo, from N. Pennsylvania.   Due to changes in his family's environment; Franklyn was beginning to misbehave.  His owners contacted LRPals to assist with options and after several discussions it was determined that re-locating him was the best alternative. 

Frankyn was matched with a couple in Georga from our available applications for adopters list.  


Tonka Picture

Update Jan 2022 - From his new family:

Its been two years since Tonka came into our lives through Leo Rescue Pals.  He is a wonderful pup and a great ambassador for the breed.  He loves his walks on our trails, swimming in the Flathead Lake in the summer, snuggles with the grandkids, and visiting with friends who come to see the beauty of Montana.  We wondered if getting another leo after our last one (#5) died was the right decision for us.  But Tonka needed a loving home and we knew the issues resulting in his rehoming could be easily resolved.  We also know the joy leonbergers bring to their families.  How sad it makes me to think we were hesitant.  Like all of the leos through the years, we love him to the moon and back.   He is well mannered, even tempered, and beautiful….a typical leo.  Thank you Leo Rescue Pals for your wonderful work on behalf of these magnificent dogs.


Tonka and Regan
Tonka and Regan 2021



Tonka 2022
Tonka 2022












Hogan out hiking in New Mexico

Hogan (previously Big, then Baloo) was looking for a new home and LRP found a match for him in New Mexico!

LRP was told he was a Leo, but DNA testing showed that he is a St. Bernard mix.  Hogan’s adoptive family doesn’t care because he has brought so much joy into their lives.

Previously Known as "Tucker" From the Oklahoma City Area

(More information and updates ae coming soon on Dizz!)


Zeus and JD were both fostered and then placed in 2019! 
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Nana  - June 2020.   A two-year-old Leo girl, rescued from a shelter in Washington when she could not be adopted out due to a heart condition which prevented her from being spayed.   

Leo Rescue Pals located a potential new home and volunteers transported Nana from Seattle to South Dakota where her new "foster to adopt" family greeted her with open arms.  

Recently neutered male, 8 years old, 107#. He looks like a Newfoundland mix.