Leo didn't have the best start in life. He was born in a puppy mill somewhere up north. Sadly, he was taken from his mother before he had turned just 8 weeks old. Then he was put on a truck and sent all the way to Florida.


When he arrived, he was put up for sale in a pet shop. After 3 weeks he was bought by a family, who loved him and cared for him. But they just couldn't keep him.

That's when Leo entered the lives and hearts of Ann and Emile Duyster. After having lost both their beautiful Leo girls last year, their house was way too quiet and empty for way too long. But when Leo arrived in July of 2009, all of that changed! There's Leo hair on the floors once again. There is a wonderful, furry dog keeping careful watch when someone is cooking. And they are once again enjoying the soft and tender kisses and wookiee sounds that Leonbergers are so talented at giving.

The Duysters are very happy to have him and Leo is finally in his forever home.

And they now refer to him as: Lucky Leo!