Well, no one ever said rescue was a boring endeavor! Fate, however, thought a small reminder couldn’t hurt and sent beautiful, sweet Gretel along to do the job.

6 year old Gretel and 2 year old Leslie were surrendered to Leo Rescue by a PA miller who was “downsizing”. Alison began contacting volunteers in the area and everyone went into ‘stand-by’ mode, dropping everything as soon as they heard the girls needed help, proving once again that the Leo community’s profound love and commitment to their breed is truly remarkable. A few days later, Master Coordinator Vic Newman had transport and transporters organized and Alison’s foster homes were lined up. Boni, husband Bill and Joni picked up the girls and drove them directly to a veterinary clinic where they were health checked, given shots, treated for ear infections and given a sorely needed bath. Both girls appeared in relatively good shape, with Leslie on the skinny side and in need of some good and healthy meals. Joni or Ira picked up Gretel and Leslie the next day, dropped them off at Boni and Bill’s house where they spent the night. Boni reported that both girls were very sweet but warned that Leslie appeared to have a strong affinity for chewing and inhaling anything in sight!

The next morning, Ira, Bonnie C., Lynn B. and Kathy B. transported Gretel and Leslie to Alison’s; their next to last stop before reaching foster homes. Gretel went into foster care with David and Vanda. A week or so later, Vanda reported that Gretel had settled in, was very sweet and they wanted to adopt her once the required foster period was over. We were thrilled, David and Wanda were the perfect home for Gretel.

Another week went by and the morning of March 20th, Alison received a call from a somewhat panicked Vanda, Gretel had just given birth to a pup !!!!!!!! Now to back track for a minute, by this time Gretel had been seen by 2 different vets, once when released to rescue and for another 2 visits when she got to Vanda’s and no one realized she was pregnant, except that now the fact that she looked better, weight wise, than Leslie suddenly made sense. Back to the pups, that previous night Gretel wouldn’t go to sleep, pacing ect.. David took her for a couple of walks, thinking she had to go, but Gretel never settled. Stunned by Alison’s news, we all went into overdrive trying to figure out the best way to handle this. Thanks to the breeders in our group, we all relaxed as they took charge and talked David and Vanda (D&V) thru Gretel’s delivery. D&V were absolutely wonderful, after the initial shock they regrouped and never left Gretel’s side. Gretel was delivering with no obvious problems, the vet stopped by 3 times during the day and when all was said and done, D&V ended up with 10 foster Leos.

In the meantime the rest of us went back into high gear trying to figure out where to send Gretel and pups as both D&V worked full time. Well, I knew one person, 2 actually, who would be in the car before I hung up the phone ?, so I called Martha and Rick, Martha was in the car before I could thank them…. Mom and all 9 pups are doing great, Rick stayed home to take care of the new family. We are beyond grateful that Rick and Martha stepped in to care for Gretel and her pups, but I personally owe Rick a dinner at a four star restaurant – long story..

All the pups have homes lined up and once they are weaned Gretel will go home.. It is a blessing in disguise that Gretel, at 6 yrs old and likely to have had many litters, is such an experienced and wonderful mother.

Report posted to the LCA Memberslist in April 2007

Gretel's family has found wonderful homes.