Luna came to us as a 2 year old.  Her main issue was insecurity.  The notes from her foster home described her journey to a new home.  We were happy to have her placed in November 2017.


Luna's History:

We were told that only positive training was used, for better focus on training she was put on anti anxiety meds. At the beginning, she lived with 2 cats, 2 Pomeranians, and later the owners adopted 2 more dogs(Dachshund mix and Aussie). All dogs lived in the same house with a small yard. Owner traveled frequently for business = not the best circumstance for a Leonberger.Luna is great on her sits, downs and shake. She does NOT destroy things, she likes car rides. She is beautiful with a lovely coat. She was crated at night. Because of her size we currently have an extension of space which is a 700 crate, no door, and a 4 foot precision attachment.
Luna is good when people come to the house.

2 weeks in as Foster:


Luna improved by giving her a calm foster home, her food was changed and this solved her itching. Previous owners had her on meds for itching. After a long vet visit with our vet (best vet in the world!) plus my own experience with Leos( 30 years) Luna is being weaned off anti anxiety meds. Luna is still insecure. She thrives with a clear direction of what is wanted from her. Giving her leadership lets her relax.

Luna was able to quickly get comfortable with our goats. She went from fear/growling/launching on leash to off leash (around the pasture)sand play bowing to the goats. This happened within a matter of 6 days:-) Another stride she has made is with dog reaction. We believe her reaction to dogs is due to her insecurity and lack of guidance in the past.
Using our neighbor's Aussie(he is dog reactive too, but loves treats) for training along the fence, huge change , again showing a willingness to learn with clear outline of what is wanted of her.

She is a young 90 pound Leonberger, working on building her muscle mass, since the owner could not routinely walk with her. She developed bad habits of pulling, launching herself forward while on leash. I introduced her to the prong collar ( with rubber soft tips) to have control over her. Luna loves people, woman in particular. I took her to the physical therapy office several times, she did great! When insecure of situations, she will growl/grumble ( but I think it's better to have a vocal dog to let me know what she is dealing with) good home security too.

She is very responsive to re-training, she needs patience and frequent brakes ( baby steps) and clear direction. Still needs work for walking and not over reacting to other dogs (I believe she was under socialized with other dogs and when older not enough correction/interaction)