mike3September 2018. Male Leonberger -  Adult; exact age unknown

Reported to PRPals from a shelter in South Los Angeles.  He was reported to us as a Leonberger that he had been found abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles.  Leonberger Pals rescue assisted in locating a permanent home for him.  


mike friend

Below is an update from Mike's new owner:

"We didn’t know a whole lot about Mike’s background when my wife and I adopted him in September 2018. All we knew was that he had been found abandoned on the streets of South Los Angeles.

The medical report from the LA Dept. of Animal Services reads in part: “Dog is still weak in hind legs, matted coat and urine soaked.” Given that background, there is no way to know what kind of dog you’re adopting. But we took a chance, and what we got was an absolutely wonderful boy. The rest of our pack consists of a Great Dane, a Black and Tan Coonhound, and a German Shepard-Yellow Lab mix, all big and all male. Mikey walked into that mob like he owned the place, no barks, no growls, no aggression. He’s clearly the only adult in the pack, and he very calmly lets the other guys know it.


Mike has been with us now for almost four months. He’s gained about ten pounds; he’s been groomed, had his nails clipped, and gotten a clean bill of health from our vet. When I walk him in our neighborhood and tell people his story, the typical comment is about how lucky he is to have found a new home. In fact, we are the lucky ones."


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