Franklyn in his new Pond

October 2020 - 5 Year old Male Leo, from N. Pennsylvania.   Due to changes in his family's environment; Franklyn was beginning to misbehave.  His owners contacted LRPals to assist with options and after several discussions it was determined that re-locating him was the best alternative. 

Frankyn was matched with a couple in Georga from our available applications for adopters list.  



They have a beautiful house for dogs with, a pond out in the back yard.  He now can swim daily with the 2 others dogs in his new “pack” (a hound mix and older golden retriever).  His new family is home most of the day and involved in active outdoor sports includig horses,  so he is tired out by the end of each day !!  Swimming in "His" pond and playing Tag in the backyard are his favorite games.  He is thriving in his new home.   His behavior issues have disappeared -  and he likes to be a lapdog and center of attention whenever possible ! 







Below are some pictures of Franklyn durrng his transition and early on in his new home. 


       Franklyn the lapdog !

Franklyn in his new home - acting like the Lap-dog he wants to be ! 


Franklyn;  Meeting his foster buddy and mentor - and trying to get her to play !  


Franklyn;  Posing as handsome dog (with his friend Maggie), during a walk in the woods. 


Franklin - Enjoying the first snow

Playing in the season's first snow!!   Pure Joy !! 

Relaxing in the living room !