October 2020 - 3 Year old Male Leo (his birthday was 2/14/17). Vuska - came from a loving home in Southern Oregon. He was well cared for and enjoyed living on 40 acres. He was a member of a pack of with 4 other large dogs.  Over time, the pack started making bad choices (some involving neignoring farmers livestock). In addition, and in complete Leonberger fashion, Vuska longed for extra human attention from his family. The other pack members started bullying Vuska when he got near his humans.

His former family contacted Leo Rescue Pals because his owners felt that, while they could easily sell him locally, they didn't believe that most dog owners in the area would do much more with Vuska than put him on a chain and/or have him live permanently outside 24/7. They felt that we would find him a better home, that would be a good match for his personality and need for close human contact.

 Dec - 2020    Vuska has a NEW name!!    His new owners have decided to call him "Oso" because Vuska sounded too much like a cheap brand of Vodka.   ( Oso is bear in spanish - much more appropriate!)

They are also reporting that the meeting with the dog Behaviorist was a success. 
They have started a routine of using clicker training and BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training: great for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs) and he is responding well to the new training methods!! 

October 2020  - Due to COVID restrictions in place at the time, our Representatives could not meet him to do a personal assessment.  They arranged to pick him up from a local kennel, and had no chance to assess his temperament.  Because of the issues in his past, he was described as having dog aggression. We searched the Leo Rescue Pals data base for a home where he could be an only dog and be with folks who had experience with giant breeds.
The best fit for his personality, appeared to be previous Leonberger owners in the Palm Springs Area.  We picked him up in Southern Oregon and drove to Northern California, where he was transferred to another LRPals volunteer transporter to meet the new owners in The Bay Area and they took him home.






 Vuska and his new family 



Vuska's new owners are over the moon to have him in their lives. He is thriving as an only dog.

He is taking his time about getting in the pool, but has embraced the golf cart.


 Ready to go !!    Bring on the hiking and adventure !! 

 He still shows some reaction to other dogs while on leash, but responds to corrections from his new handlers easily. Part of the foster/adoption agreement was for Vuska to be seen by a dog behaviorist, to be sure we all fully understand the cause and extent of the aggressive behavior.  The new owners have extensive giant breed experience and remain in ongoing contact with LRPal representatives to be sure we are providing whatever training and resources he requires. We are confident that Vuska will continue to blossom and thrive in their care. Vuska

Vuska and his new "Mom" getting ready for new found adventures together! 


Vuska - REALLY enjoying getting petted with "His" new Cat buddy !!