Nana-in-a Hat

Nana  - June 2020.   A two-year-old Leo girl, rescued from a shelter in Washington when she could not be adopted out due to a heart condition which prevented her from being spayed.   

Leo Rescue Pals located a potential new home and volunteers transported Nana from Seattle to South Dakota where her new "foster to adopt" family greeted her with open arms.  


 Nana is loving her new forever home. 

She is now now loved and happily living in South Dakota!!   

From her new Owner:   

"Nana’s health was the first concern. Thankfully Nana came with health records and a decent medical history. Two trips to her new vet, two trips to Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital and a huge amount of support from LRP put those issues to rest. Three different departments at CSU researched Nana’s condition and determined that dogs who have similar conditions did well without major drugs or intervention.

"Yes, Nana, good girls get ice cream after going to the vet!"

Nana was initially very reactive to nearly everything: noise, movement, other dogs and people. Deer in the yard or a UPS delivery had her throwing herself against the door (poor girl!) We walked with her several times a day to increase her endurance and accustom her to the wildlife around her new home, and we found an excellent trainer to work one to one with us. The plan for development was: agility for 20 minutes – turns out Nana is quite agile – followed by the introduction to another dog. Quite quickly Nana was able to continue working the agility course without reacting to the other dog. She also walks with another dog in our neighborhood now. By mid December she will begin advanced obedience courses!

We are madly in love with her. She is affectionate, a tiny bit sassy, a bit silly, quite smart and so very sweet. And, get this, she came to us with excellent recall! How’s that for a perk!

Thank you Leo Rescue Pals for giving us the opportunity to live with and love our beautiful Nana Nu Canoodle." 

Kristi & George