Update Jan 2022 - From his new family:

Its been two years since Tonka came into our lives through Leo Rescue Pals.  He is a wonderful pup and a great ambassador for the breed.  He loves his walks on our trails, swimming in the Flathead Lake in the summer, snuggles with the grandkids, and visiting with friends who come to see the beauty of Montana.  We wondered if getting another leo after our last one (#5) died was the right decision for us.  But Tonka needed a loving home and we knew the issues resulting in his rehoming could be easily resolved.  We also know the joy leonbergers bring to their families.  How sad it makes me to think we were hesitant.  Like all of the leos through the years, we love him to the moon and back.   He is well mannered, even tempered, and beautiful….a typical leo.  Thank you Leo Rescue Pals for your wonderful work on behalf of these magnificent dogs.


Tonka and Regan
Tonka and Regan 2021



Tonka 2022
Tonka 2022












Feb. 2020  M. Leonberger - LRPals was asked to assist in finding a new home for Tonka when his owner in South Dakota, decided that he was uncontrollable and not a good fit for their living situation.  We were able to  locate a great adoption home for Tonka with experienced Leo family in Montana. 

  Of course weather in February is always a factor in that part of the country.  After multiple delayed attempts and assistance from the Many Paws Transport Team, which picked him up and drove him half way. 

This new family turned out to be a terrific foster to adopt home in Montana with his corgy sister.