November 2020 Meet Tanner!

Tanner 4 year old intact male. . . . Was taken into Leo Rescue in South Dakota looking for a new home.  He had some medical needs and could not be neutered, due to an anesthesia allergy. As a result, he could not be placed in a home with intact female dogs.  His caring owner asked for assistance in finding the perfect placement for him.  

We were able to assist in finding an excellent family for Tanner with another sibling “Charlie” who was already there.  



       Tanner is living his best life while swimming and sharing everything (including his food) with his new Leo sister, Charlie. 

Described as a “blessing” by his new owners,Tanner is loved and safe in his new forever home.

Leo Rescue Pals received this update from them:Tanner Swimming

"Just wanted to say hi and send gobby kisses and wet shakes from Charlie and Tanner. We are doing great! Tanner is doing great and he can swim!! It was a run before you walk situation since he thought he could walk on water and stepped right off the dock!! But he came up and calmly swam to shore. Now he just needs some persuasion to swim (me on a floatie usually works!) and he'll go in. (Previous owner) was very happy when he saw the video of him.



Charlie has decided she is the boss now and Tanner happily follows her lead. They share everything (including playing Goldilocks and the three bears with their food) and there have been no squabbles. Tanner is such a easy going boy but he really doesn't like the hot humid weather we have been getting!! With the whole covid-19 thing we have spent a lot of time at the cottage so Charlie and Tanner are perpetually wet (from swimming and baths!!) which they don't mind!


I have included some pictures and a video. Feel free to use them as I think we are a great rescue success story!

Thanks again for matching us with Tanner, he really is a blessing."   




We couldn't have said it better THANK YOU !! 

I think he is OK with Cats also!


Tanner before