Khenti came from a puppy mill and was 5 months old when she came into Leo Rescue. Her introduction to a normal life was somewhat hectic as I picked her up on my way to the breed national.

Considering where she came from and with the help of another Leo Rescue volunteer Khenti managed to hold her own, still by the time we made it home she was exhausted and stressed out.

I was going to foster Khenti while looking for a home for her, well by now you know that she was a failed foster, I just could not let her go.

 I have never met such a kind Leo, this little girl, she stayed small, was so full of love for everyone it was a sight to behold but she also had a mind of her own and remained independent her whole life, she could be really funny too. Her domain consisted of 2 ½ acres, she would park herself at one of three or four locations and survey the world, the more rain and snow the better, she just loved being outside. Morning and night though she would come and cuddle, our special time together.

My other Leo, Journey, mothered her and taught her the ropes from the start, I would find them curled up together napping in the sun. Her best friend in the pack of 6 dogs was Border Collie Casey, the two of them played and played to no end, Quinta, another Leo, would usually join in.

When she was 5 ½ she was diagnosed with congenital kidney disease and died soon after that. I was devastated and miss her so much but she will be forever in my heart.