It takes many volunteers and support from our Leonberger lovers to operate a rescue group.  You can help in many ways - even the smallest contribution will be put to good use.  If you would like to assist in our work, please complete the Volunteer Questionnaire.

We are currently seeking:

       K-9 Transportation Coordinator

The transportation specialist is responsible for arranging for safely transporting rescued dogs under LRPals Rescue's care, from one destination to another (hopefully their new homes!). This can include setting up a single pick up and drop-off or an entire one-way or two-way multi-state journey, with multiple legs and transfer points for a particular dog's journey. The transport Coordinator works closely at all times with the local representatives and LRPals Board of Directors (BOD) to assure each aspect of the transport is coordinated and confirmed with each participating party. 


  • Collaborate closely with the ressponsible parties for the dog to obtain essential information related to all aspects of the transport.
  • Communicate with all volunteers and drivers involved in the transport to assure dogs special needs are known and they are transported safely, without unnecessary delays or problems that could have been anticipated or avoided with better advance planning and attention to detail.
  • Stay in communication with drivers and the Transport Coordinator during all transports to assure the transport unfolds smoothly and is executed as planned.
  • Prior to transport, assure all  vehicles are prepared to make the drive safely.
  • Ensure all supplies required to avoid unnecessary stops are accounted for and available to the drivers.
  • Arrange for supplies for any needs the dog may have during travel, both anticipated and unexpected 
  • Check to see if the dog will be traveling in a crate. If this is the case, assure the crate will fit in the vehicles that are being used. If it does not, determine how this will change the transportation plan.
  • Ensure that drivers are aware ofbsafety concerns shuch as cautions on stops or trnsfer points such as;  to walk the dog only as needed to minimize any exposure to other humans or animals.
  • Transport Coordinator will the the primary contact in the event therre are any questions, or if  the dog should seem unwell, unexpected problems, help with directions, anything! Whatever the challenge, the transport coordinator will be the liaison for providing full support to the Transport teams



  • Genuine love of Leos/dogs
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to problem-solve
  • Confidence in utilizing maps and/or navigation systems
  • Ability to remain calm and quickly prioritize and act in case of emergency
  • Encouraging and positive interactions with drivers and volunteers.