In Memory of Julie “Julz” Karamanos

It is with incredibly heavy hearts that we share the untimely passing of our friend and colleague, Julie “Julz” Karamanos.  Julz gave freely of her time and talents to our cause for over 15 years, serving on the Board of LRP, Inc., interfacing with adoption applicants, personally acknowledging donors, and often taking the time to drop a handwritten note to acknowledge gifts made in memory of a special individual or dog.  We, as a group, were the better for having Julz, as were the dogs she herself adopted, fostered and transported.  Through it all, the happy rescues, the difficult ones, and the sometimes heartbreaking, Julz’ unfailing good nature and easy temperament made everything easier. She, along with her obvious, unconditional, and overwhelming love for the dogs she helped us to save, will be forever missed.  

Rest easy at the rainbow bridge Julz, with all of the wonderful dogs you have loved that passed before you.  







President: Nathalie Vadim 
Vice president: Andy Patterson
Secretary: Kim Rawers
Treasurer: Priscilla Schultz

General Members

Cindy Stratton
Deborah Monte
Jan Parola
Karen Knox
Laura James
Pat Bennet
Skipper Maine

Steve McConaughy

Sunny Simpson



To contact LRPals about potential assistance or to report dogs in need, please use our

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call us, 866-7LR-PALS and leave a message. 

The appropriate leo rep. will return your inquiry promptly.



Arlene Coles: Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia (REPLACEMENT NEEDED – new rep needed to help dogs in these states)

Chuck Gardner: Virginia


OPEN - (area rep(s) needed):  Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin

New England

Karen Loechner / Steve McConaughy: Connecticut

Karen Knox: Maine

Deborah Monte:  Massachusetts, New Hampshire

Dace Krasts: Rhode Island

Liz Coleman: Vermont


Chuck Gardner: DC, Maryland 

Sunny Simpson: Delaware,  Pennsylvania

Arlene Coles: New Jersey

Pat Bennett: New York

OPEN - (area rep needed) Ohio

Pacific Northwest

Skipper Maine: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington

Kim Rawers: Utah

Pacific Southwest

Andy Patterson / Cindy Stratton: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada

Kim Rawers: California


Lynn O’Connor:  Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

Rocky Mountain

Nathalie Vadim: Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming  


OPEN - (area rep needed): Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi


Deb Harris:  Florida, Georgia, South Carolina


Nathalie Vadim: New Mexico

Kristy Deslatte: Texas


   Other Positions:

            Volunteer Coordinator -  Dee Danowski   

            Transportation Coordinator -  (Currently Recruiting)


To volunteer your talents with us, please complete the Volunteer FORM.

You can also contact us toll free at 866-757-7257 or 866-7LRPALS