2021 End of Year President's Report:


Hello Everyone:


I apologize for the delay in presenting the 2021 president’s report.


Thirteen Leos came into rescue this year more than in 2020 but we are hoping that the increase in dogs will not continue. The number of dogs last year is still lower than it had been for many years, the average being fifteen.


The reasons for the dogs coming into rescue is as varied as their numbers; moving, allergies, a sudden change in behavior, a sick owner, are just a few. Unlike previous years we’ve not seen aggression as an issue and are relieved by that fact. Aggression has been a real issue the past few years and we have been very concerned with that trend.


We also cross-posted thirty-two Leo wanna-a-be's 😊 and helped placed a few. We’ve had a serious increase of representative volunteers which enabled us to cover more states and lightened the load of the existing volunteers; rescue fatigue is not a myth. As always, we would not be able to rescue these dogs without your support both financial and as volunteers.


We wish everyone a good year and hope the COVID virus can finally be controlled and let us return to a somewhat normal life.


Take care All

Leo Love

Nathalie Vadim

President Leonberger Rescue Pals, Inc.


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